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July 1, 2024

TireShark Traffic Spikes

Tire Shark provides robust traffic spikes that withstand heavy vehicle traffic, including semi-trucks and tanks. Wrigglesworth Enterprises offers their full line, featuring easy-to-install, user-serviceable units; contact for details.

Tire Shark offers some of the most robust traffic spikes available today. With variants up to ½ Inch thick steel plate, Tire shark traffic spikes can take heavy vehicle traffic including semi-trucks and tanks. Tire Shark offers surface mounted units in three different sizes, as well as a flush mounted style. The low-profile design allows vehicles like Porsche and Audi to clear the spike units without dragging. The surface mounted units install easily without digging; this allows the spikes to be quickly installed, resulting in less down time at the points of entry. The units are user serviceable and the surface plates can be replaced if damaged by wear or abuse.

Tire Shark traffic spikes are a quality product made in Tucson, AZ and can ship quickly to any location in the U.S. We, Wrigglesworth Enterprises, are proud to offer their full line of traffic management solutions and can provide any needs you may have! You can contact our sales team at for pricing and product information!

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